A Different Strategy for being Interesting

I’ve seen different people try lots of different things to make themselves seem interesting to others. They’d wear colorful clothing, color their hair, tell rehearsed jokes, smile just to get attention, frown just to get attention, be loud, be quiet, boast, brag, make strong arguments that they’ve heard from someone else which make them look more impressive, throw out argument stoppers, and do all sorts of weird stuff.

I tried most of these things when I was younger and ended up deciding on a different strategy. My strategy was to stop hiding. I would stop hiding and just tell people what I saw and thought about the world around me.

I would observe my surroundings and comment on the ways in which things seemed interesting, strange, or amusing. I would tell people what I thought about in my free time when I had some rare solitude. Sometimes I would even tell people specific short stories that encapsulated ideas or views of the world that I thought were particularly worthwhile or interesting. The point wasn’t to impress, the point was just to share in the way that I internally wanted to share and enrich other people’s lives.

I stopped trying and just let myself not hold back for a little while.

Then again, I sit here right now without very many friends physically surrounding me so maybe that strategy was pretty stupid after all. I should probably try wearing something colorful next time.


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