A self-perpetuating cycle

I was talking to a smart friend of mine recently who wasn’t fully aware that this cycle was a thing. No one had fully pointed it out to them in simple terms. I’m posting it here to have something to point people to later or just have available in case other people are unaware that this is a thing.

Depression and anxiety are often self-perpetuating diseases because they push you towards action when you aren’t in a position to do anything and make you feel like you don’t need to take action when you are in a position to finally do something about it.

(Note: I’m not sure why this is coming up blurry. I’ll try to fix that at some point.)



The solution to this problem is to realize that you aren’t going to be fine in the future and that you need to get as much help as possible while you are feeling healthy before the next downfall into depression or anxiety comes back to bite you again.

A better model might actually be something like the sun. You can’t always see the sun, but even at night it still exists. It hides somewhere beyond the horizon waiting to come back out again and burn you as harshly as you’ll let it. Until you decide to act as if the monsters hiding behind the hills are always going to come back again, you may not make substantial enough progress on these issues to actually kill them for good.


Note: If you have depression, then please go check out this and this. If you have anxiety, then please go check out this. If you have these or any other issues that match the pattern stated above, then I strongly suggest you seek out a medical professional to help you.


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