Stop Hurting Yourself

Pain and suffering are not goals that should be reversed backwards into. That’s a terrible idea.

A theme I’ve seen among many different people (especially young people) as I inquired into their motivations and actions was a pattern of venerating painful experiences. Glorifying the act of overcoming adversity and achieving your goals at the cost of pain and suffering is definitely common in America and the West.

That’s idiotic.

Succeeding in the face of necessary pain and suffering when they are unavoidable is very admirable. Succeeding in the face of unnecessary pain and suffering when they are avoidable is idiotic.

waffles [9:53 PM]
one thing I’ve been meaning to point out to people and get through their think skulls is that unnecessary suffering is bad

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waffles [9:53 PM]
this seems like it should be abundantly obvious, but it apparently isn’t

people in the West live in a culture that glorifies suffering and winning against harsh odds. this sets up long lists of hero stories where the main character experiences lots of pain and hardship, learns a bunch of lessons, and then eventually triumphs. (edited)

cultures also get set up where signalling that you’ve been through lots of suffering in the past is a badge of honor and something worth bragging about

raydora [9:55 PM]
people in the East do this even more, though.

waffles [9:55 PM]
people glorify the experience of pain, and while many of them are in lots of pain they glorify themselves

then that just makes them stupider

raydora [9:56 PM]

waffles [9:56 PM]
pain is bad

the idea of suffering after reading a story about a hero that suffered is not an appropriate thing to reverse yourself backwards in to.

raydora [9:56 PM]
when it’s beyond an indicator to stop.

waffles [9:56 PM]
“they suffered, so i should suffer!”

raydora [9:57 PM]
Yeah. I definitely went that route, as did my forebears.

waffles [9:57 PM]

suffering is something that can occur out of necessity in order to achieve your goals, but it should never be something that occurs without necessity. that’s just stupid.

raydora [9:57 PM]
I mean, you do learn things about people in pain (including yourself) that you won’t otherwise.

waffles [9:58 PM]
there’s pain enough in the world that you’re going to go through without putting extra on top of yourself

you’ll also learn a lot about getting yourself out of pain through the process of getting yourself out of pain

raydora [9:58 PM]
Yes (edited)

waffles [9:59 PM]
I want to stick in a list of people who are regarded as heroes and suffered at this point

Harriet Tubman comes to mind

raydora [9:59 PM]
I think that people who pursue hedonistic goals and did alright on several birth lotteries may never experience that pain until later, though.

Was her suffering unnecessary for her goals?

waffles [10:00 PM]
my point with her is that she wouldn’t have chosen a route where pain was necessary for her goals if she could have chosen a route where it wasn’t necessary

although i don’t know that for certain, so that’s a bad example

this post may need a while to put up since i want to convince people to actually stop hurting themselves and not just state ideas

raydora [10:02 PM]
yeah. It’s very pronounced in exercise, I think. Leads a lot of people to inefficient exercise.

and that lends itself to a lot of good examples, on top of that, of working efficiently versus pursuing suffering.

waffles [10:03 PM]
and if you want to learn to overcome pain specifically, then don’t choose a situation outside in the big wide world that has actual consequences

buy a weak torture device and start using it on yourself or something

give up the internet for a month, give up tv for a month, or do NoFap for several months

you’ll learn plenty about yourself that way

raydora [10:06 PM]
sure, but not as much as you’ll learn if you suffered more. I don’t necessarily think that’s worth it, and probably never for more than a few months at most.

definitely not worth doing it for years like most do.

waffles [10:07 PM]
“lessons from pain” are also still a vague idea in my mind and i’m not sure i have a good idea of how high their value actually is

raydora [10:08 PM]
it’s more like

learning about fundamental attribution error

through the person you and others you think you know become when they are in a lot of pain.

waffles [10:09 PM]
i think some smart people could figure out ways that could be distilled and learned without actually intentionally harming someone

raydora [10:09 PM]
probably a simpler way for smarter people to keep that in mind, not sure if the average person could get it another way.

waffles [10:09 PM]
like stories and shit

raydora [10:09 PM]

waffles [10:09 PM]
people try to instill that into children even at a young age

raydora [10:10 PM]
I’m not sure it works at that age. You just blame your parents.

or yourself.

waffles [10:10 PM]
i mean, they try to teach them that someone else’s pain is the same as their pain

that there’s a parrallel there

raydora [10:10 PM]
ah, yes

waffles [10:11 PM]
when they get bumped on the knee it hurts just like when you get bumped on the knee

raydora [10:11 PM]
isn’t that a developmental landmark?

waffles [10:12 PM]
sounds like one

this was useful. needs solidifying in a way i don’t quite have yet, which is good to know.


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