Inverted Socratic Ducking

Inverted Socratic Ducking

Rubber Ducking
Getting a person to act as a rubber duck who you talk your ideas out to in order to get a clear handle on them.

Socratic Ducking
Aiding a partner in thinking through an idea or solving a problem. Combines socratic questioning and rubber ducking. Attempt to offer few suggetsions and thoughts while isntead alternating between stimulating questions and attentive silence. Encourage the other person to think through complex threads and think deeply about the ramifications of ideas and possible solutions.

Inverted Socratic Ducking
Attempt socratic ducking not as an attempt at aiding the other person, but as an attempt to aid yourself. Follow the same process of asking vague and potent questions and then listening to their answers in silence. The goal is to get as fresh and uncorrupted answers as possible both for the knowledge of the duck (you) and in order to see if their perspective can help you get a fresh perspective on the topic.


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